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Guide to selecting the best PRINCE2 course provider

Guide to selecting the best PRINCE2 course provider

Choosing the best PRINCE2 training provider

The market is filled with a large variety of PRINCE2 course providers, offering different courses and training options. Knowledge Train is an accredited PRINCE2 course provider and since 2006 has delivered high quality training and resources about PRINCE2.

During that time, Knowledge Train has witnessed many providers emerge and fade and has learned what differentiates good and bad providers.

Here’s the top 10 tips for choosing the best PRINCE2 training provider for you.

  1. Sales pitches

  2. Be cautious of enticing phrases like “Best PRINCE2 Course”, “100% Pass Rate for PRINCE2”, “Luxury location…” or “FREE training materials.”. Often, these are sales pitches with overstated promises. The surge of cheap PRINCE2 training providers sporting such taglines can be misleading.

  3. Training

  4. While cost seems to be a prominent deciding factor, the quality of the training experience should not be undermined. Successful understanding and passing of PRINCE2 examinations hinge on thorough study, interaction with an experienced PRINCE2 trainer, and discussions pertaining to personal project management situations. Cutting costs often compromises on materials, venue, time, and trainers.

  5. Materials

  6. Comprehensive, reliable training materials are vital for understanding the intricacies of PRINCE2. Cheaper courses tend to overuse PowerPoint, which can be overwhelming. Always inquire about the quality and type of training materials provided.

  7. Venue

  8. A cheap course often translates to overcrowded classrooms, which inhibits interaction and comprehension. Large class sizes diminish the educational value and comfort for each participant.

  9. Time

  10. While pre-course study is often encouraged, excessively demanding preparation time indicates insufficient classroom hours and ineffective PRINCE2 training.

  11. Trainers

  12. Cheap providers often employ inexperienced trainers to save costs. However, this could be detrimental to your learning experience.

  13. Size

  14. Large providers often lack personalized customer service. Smaller providers are more likely to understand your needs and provide advice tailored to your requirements.

  15. Ethics

  16. Beware of providers who advertise courses without intentions of conducting them in the advertised locations. This unethical practice can lead to lost money and inconvenience.

  17. Small print

  18. Always review the provider’s terms and conditions. Ensure there are provisions for a full refund in case the course is not delivered as promised.

  19. Cost

  20. While a cheaper course may seem appealing, it might lack essential components like quality training materials, experienced trainers, adequate training time, or comfortable training space. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.


Be wary of manipulated statistics and grandiose claims. Try to differentiate what’s fact from fiction. Consider asking a set of questions to the provider before purchasing a course to ensure you’re selecting a reputable one.

Finally, look at the bad reviews, not just the good ones. Good reviews can always be faked. Bad reviews are far more likely to tell you what might go wrong than reading a good one.

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