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If you want to become certified in PRINCE2 at some point you must pass one or both of the PRINCE2 examinations. If you want to know the price of a PRINCE2 exam (either Foundation or Practitioner), then contact us for the best price.

For anything else, read on to discover ten key things to understand about PRINCE2 exams.

  1. Studying for PRINCE2 exams

  2. Understanding the material is the first step in successfully passing any exam. As such, ‘studying for’ a PRINCE2 exam takes the top spot in the list. It involves candidates reviewing the PRINCE2 methodology, principles, themes, and processes in detail to gain a thorough understanding. Reading the official PRINCE2 manual, working through mock exam papers and questions, and using other study aids are part of this process.

    The quickest and best way to study for your PRINCE2 exams is by taking accredited PRINCE2 training. By taking accredited training the candidate receives PRINCE2 exam vouchers to redeem within 12 months.

  3. Booking PRINCE2 exams

  4. Booking a PRINCE2 exam is an essential part of the process. After an individual feels confident in their knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2 framework, they need to schedule their exam. This step makes the candidate’s intention to sit the exam official and sets a target date for their studies.

    When choosing a date and time for their exam, it is important to follow these 2 tips:

    1. Choose a date when you have several days leading up to exam when you can do revision. You don’t want to sit an exam having last studied one or two weeks ago.
    2. Book an exam in the morning. People’s brains work better in the morning.

    Booking an exam requires the candidate either to contact the Accredited training organization (ATO) from whom they bought training, or to contact the PRINCE2 examination body (PeopleCert) directly.

  5. Preparing for PRINCE2 exams

  6. Preparation involves more than just studying; it includes planning out study schedules, understanding the exam format, and learning effective strategies to answer exam questions. By preparing for the PRINCE2 exams, candidates set themselves up for success, ensuring they cover all necessary content and build their confidence.

    To help prepare for the two exams, these two in-depth guides will help.

    How to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

    How to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

  7. Revising for PRINCE2 exams

  8. Revising or reviewing for the PRINCE2 exams involves going back over the PRINCE2 manual, course notes, and study materials to refresh one’s memory. It also involves trying mock exams several times until the candidate is consistently scoring higher than the pass mark.

    This step usually happens close to the exam date and serves to consolidate knowledge, clarify doubts, and boost confidence.

  9. Registering for PRINCE2 exams

  10. Registering is one of the first official steps a candidate takes when they decide to obtain a PRINCE2 certification. This involves signing up with the official examination body, providing necessary details and agreeing to terms and conditions.

    When this step is done for the Foundation exam, the candidate gets access to the official online PRINCE2 manual.

  11. Understanding PRINCE2 exams

  12. This is a step that underpins the entire process. Understanding the structure, format, and style of PRINCE2 exams is crucial to successful preparation and performance. This could involve familiarising oneself with the type of questions, marking scheme, and the breadth and depth of content covered.

    The best way to understand these details of the two exams is to read both the Foundation syllabus and the Practitioner syllabus.

  13. Taking the PRINCE2 exams

  14. ‘Taking the PRINCE2 exams’ is the culmination of the studying and preparation process. This step involves the actual act of sitting down and attempting the exam, usually under timed conditions. It’s an important part of the process where knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2 are formally evaluated.

    To help prepare for the day of the exam, read PRINCE2 exam boosting food and drink tips.

  15. Passing PRINCE2 exams

  16. Passing the PRINCE2 exams is the goal of every candidate. This is the desired outcome of all the previous steps and represents a successful understanding of PRINCE2 (Foundation exam) and application of PRINCE2 (Practitioner exam).

    Passing the exam results in the award of a PRINCE2 certificate at either Foundation or Practitioner levels and is a recognised achievement in project management.

  17. Acing PRINCE2 exams

  18. Acing the PRINCE2 exams goes beyond simply passing; it represents a good understanding and application of the PRINCE2 methodology. It is the aspirational goal for many candidates and may often require more intensive preparation and study.

  19. Buying PRINCE2 exams only

  20. If a student purchased accredited training, they would already have an exam voucher(s). If a candidate does not have an exam voucher, there are 2 options to purchase one.

    1. Buy an exam directly from PeopleCert.
    2. Buy an exam directly from an ATO.

    Usually, the second option is the cheapest way to buy an exam only.

FAQs about PRINCE2 exams

Are PRINCE2 exams difficult?

Whether the PRINCE2 exams are difficult is usually a subjective opinion. However, in the UK, 95% of students pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam first time, and 73% of students pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam first time.

Can you take PRINCE2 exams online?

Yes. Both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams are available to sit online. In fact, since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, public paper-based examinations have not been available. However, for in-company training delivered by an accredited training organization, paper-based exams can still be taken.

How hard are the PRINCE2 exams?

Students typically say that the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is harder than the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. This is also borne out by the statistics.

In the UK, the national average pass rate for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is 95%. For the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam the pass rate is 73%.

How long is the PRINCE2 exam?

PRINCE2 Foundation exams are 60 minutes. PRINCE2 Practitioner exams are 150 minutes. For both exams, extra time is available for students sitting the exam in a non-native language.

For example, if a candidate is sitting an exam in English, but their mother tongue is Japanese, they will be able to claim 25% additional time.

Candidates who claim additional time will therefore have 75 minutes to sit the Foundation exam, and 188 minutes to sit the Practitioner exam.

How much does is the cost of PRINCE2 exams?

The price of PRINCE2 exams varies between countries, and between accredited training organizations (ATOs).

If bought from an ATO, the exam is usually purchased as part of an accredited training course, but some ATOs also sell the PRINCE2 exam as an ‘exam-only’ option.

The price is constantly changing so it is best to check the PRINCE2 Foundation course page or PRINCE2 Practitioner course page.

Is a PRINCE2 exam easy?

For some students, a PRINCE2 exam is easy, but for most students, like any exam, it requires study, revision, and dedication to prepare for, and pass the exam. Most people generally consider the PRINCE2 Foundation to be easier than the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

The statistics would suggest this is true. In the UK, the national average pass rate for the Foundation exam is 95%, and for the Practitioner exam is 73%.

Are PRINCE2 exams open book?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is closed book. This means no study materials or papers are allowed on a candidate’s desk during the exam.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is open book. This means that the only study materials or papers which are allowed during the exam is the official PRINCE2 manual.

What is the PRINCE2 exam?

The PRINCE2 exam is the official certification exam for PRINCE2, the structured project management methodology. There are 2 different PRINCE2 exams – Foundation and Practitioner. Before sitting the Practitioner exam, candidates must have already passed the Foundation exam, or one of the other prerequisites.

PRINCE2 exams are the most popular project management examinations taken anywhere in the world. By 2023, over 2 million students had taken, and passed a PRINCE2 exam somewhere in the world.

Where do I take a PRINCE2 exam?

You take a PRINCE2 exam online from a location of your choosing. That is usually from home for most students.

Sometimes exams are sat in an organisation’s premises if staff are receiving in-company training from an accredited training organization.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic it is no longer possible to sit a PRINCE2 exam in an exam centre.

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