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PRINCE2 Foundation training courses with exam

PRINCE2 Foundation training courses with exam

AXELOS Peoplecert accredited training organisation for PRINCE 2.

PRINCE2 Foundation level certification provides a basic understand of PRINCE2 and confirms whether a candidate knows and understands the PRINCE2 method well enough to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

Target audience

PRINCE2 Foundation certification is suitable for anyone who:

  • Is a current or aspiring project manager or professional who manages projects.
  • Is involved in the design, development and delivery of projects, including:
    • Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners),
    • Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers),
    • Project Assurance (e.g. Business Change Analysts),
    • Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel),
    • Operational line managers or staff.
  • Wants to learn the basics of the PRINCE2 structured project management methodology or the PRINCE2 terminology.
  • Intends pursuing the higher PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification.

PRINCE2 Foundation training

The choice of training option largely depends on each candidate’s personal learning style, budget, and schedule. To gain PRINCE2 Foundation certification, choose to study from one of the training course options below.

PRINCE2 Foundation live classroom training PRINCE2 Foundation virtual classroom training PRINCE2 Foundation self-paced online eLearning
Duration 2 days 2 days 20 hours
Times 09:00 to 17:00 09:00 to 17:00 12 months’ access
Suitable for Students wanting certification quickly and prefer to study in a live classroom. Students wanting certification quickly but don’t want to travel to a course. Students preferring to study at their own pace in a cost-conscious way.
Homework 2-3 hours per night 2-3 hours per night N/A
Pre-course reading 4 hours 4 hours N/A
Help from trainer Yes Yes Yes [1]
Includes manual [2] Yes Yes Yes
Includes wall chart [3] Printed Electronic Electronic
Includes AXELOS membership [4] Yes Yes Yes
Includes exam [5] Yes Yes Yes
Includes mock exams [6] Yes Yes Yes
Includes resit Yes Yes No
Price Most expensive. Get discount code. Less expensive. Get discount code. Cheapest option. Get discount code.
[1] Questions to qualified, experienced trainer answered within 1 working day.
[2] Electronic version of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 6th Edition.
[3] A3 colour wall chart.
[4] One-month free AXELOS membership when redeeming the exam voucher.
[5] Exam voucher redeemable within 12 months for online examination.
[6] Two full sample Foundation mock exam papers.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2.
  2. Understand how the PRINCE2 principles underpin the PRINCE2 method.
  3. Understand the PRINCE2 themes and how they are applied throughout the project.
  4. Understand the PRINCE2 processes and how they are carried out throughout the project.

Course content

All training options include the following course content:

  • Projects vs. business as usual.
  • The 6 aspects of project performance to be managed.
  • The 4 integrated elements of PRINCE2.
  • What makes a project a PRINCE2 project.
  • Features and benefits of PRINCE2.
  • Customer/supplier context.
  • The 7 PRINCE2 principles (continued business justification, learn from experience, defined roles and responsibilities, manage by stages, manage by exception, focus on products, tailor to suit the project).
  • The 7 themes (business case, organization, quality, risk, plans, change, progress), including their purpose, minimum requirements, outputs, key concepts.
  • The 7 processes (starting up a project, directing a project, initiating a project, controlling a stage, managing product delivery, managing a stage boundary, closing a project), including their purpose and objectives.
  • The 26 management products (benefits management approach, business case, change control approach, checkpoint report, communication management approach, configuration item record, daily log, end project report, end stage report, exception report, highlight report, issue register, issue report, lessons log, lessons report, plan, product description, project brief, project initiation documentation, project product description, product status account, quality management approach, quality register, risk management approach, risk register, work package), including their purpose.

For more information, download the PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus.

PRINCE2 Foundation exam

If you purchase a training course, you will receive a PRINCE2 Foundation exam voucher which is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of training.

Format: Online.

Style: Multiple-choice.

Questions: 60.

Pass mark: 55% (33/60).

Duration: 60 minutes.

Rules: Closed book.

Results: Same day.

Registration: Via a training organization or PeopleCert.

Prerequisites: None.

PRINCE2 Foundation exam study guides

PRINCE2 Foundation exam questions

Download a PRINCE2 Foundation mock exam.

PRINCE2 Foundation PDFs

To help with revision for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, these resources are available to download in PDF format:

PRINCE2 Foundation exam PDFs

How to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

PRINCE2 exam boosting food and drink tips.

PRINCE2 Foundation videos

These videos provide short overviews of PRINCE2 useful as revision aids when preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

PRINCE2 Foundation benefits

There are 5 key benefits for individuals who attain the PRINCE2 Foundation certification.

  1. Validates knowledge.

  2. It validates a candidate’s knowledge in a globally recognized project management methodology.

  3. Enhances employability.

  4. Certification makes a candidate more competitive in the job market.

  5. Boosts confidence.

  6. Certification can boost candidate’s confidence to contribute more on projects.

  7. Job opportunities.

  8. PRINCE2 is widely adopted in many countries and industries and opens more job opportunities.

  9. Higher salaries.

  10. Certification can potentially lead to higher salary due to the demand for certified professionals.

PRINCE2 Foundation FAQs

Can I take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam only?

Yes, you can. The PRINCE2 Foundation exam can be taken independently of other PRINCE2 exams. It is the entry-level certification and a prerequisite to the PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Can I take the PRINCE2 Foundation without Practitioner?

Absolutely. The PRINCE2 Foundation does not necessitate taking the Practitioner level. However, the Practitioner certification can only be obtained after passing the Foundation level.

Does PRINCE2 Foundation certification expire?

No, the PRINCE2 Foundation certification never expires. However, after 3 years, AXELOS suggests that you renew your qualification to show that you are up to date. There are 3 options to renew certification:

  1. Re-take and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.
  2. Pass one of these related AXELOS exams (PRINCE2 Agile, MoR®, MSP®, MoV®, MoP®, and P3O®).
  3. Pay for annual AXELOS membership.

How do I prepare for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

Preparation methods can include attending classroom training, taking online self-paced eLearning, or self-study with the official PRINCE2 manual.

Whichever study option you choose, practice exams and a good understanding of the PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes are essential.

How hard is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

The difficulty of the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is subjective, largely dependent on your existing knowledge of project management and your preparation level. With adequate study and understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology, over 95% of candidates pass the exam on the first attempt.

How long does PRINCE2 Foundation take?

The study duration varies depending on your prior knowledge, study option, and learning pace. The fastest method is by attending 2-days of classroom training. The next fastest is to study using self-paced online eLearning course. This requires a minimum of 20 hours of study time. Self-studying using the PRINCE2 manual might take some anywhere between 20 to 50 hours of study.

How long is PRINCE2 Foundation valid?

The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is valid for 3 years. After that time, you should consider one of these 3 options to renew:

  1. Re-take and pass the original exam.
  2. Pass one of these related AXELOS exams (PRINCE2® Agile, MoR®, MSP®, MoV®, MoP®, and P3O®).
  3. Pay for annual AXELOS membership.

How long is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam lasts 60 minutes and consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. For non-native speakers, 25% additional time can be requested, making the exam 75 minutes in total.

How to book my PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

You can book your PRINCE2 Foundation exam directly through the Accredited Training Organization (ATO) from which you bought your training course. Or, if you purchased the exam from PeopleCert, you must contact them directly.

How to pass PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

Passing the PRINCE2 Foundation exam requires a thorough understanding of the PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes. It also requires an understanding of the purpose of the 26 management products.

Adequate study, ideally through a combination of self-study, online courses, or classroom training, and practicing with mock exams can increase your chances of success.

How to prepare for PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

Preparation can involve self-study with the official PRINCE2 manual and other resources, participating in a PRINCE2 online course, or attending a PRINCE2 classroom course. Regular revision and taking practice tests will also aid in preparation.

Is PRINCE2 Foundation enough?

The answer depends on your professional needs. If your job requires understanding of basic PRINCE2 principles and terminology, the Foundation level is sufficient. However, if you’re aiming for more complex project management roles, studying at Practitioner level is preferable.

Is the PRINCE2 Foundation equivalent to PMP?

No, PRINCE2 Foundation and PMP (Project Management Professional) are not equivalent. They are different certifications from different organizations, each with their unique focus and methodology. PRINCE2 Foundation has no prerequisites. However, before sitting the PMP exam, a candidate must have over 2 years’ experience of project management.

Is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam easy?

The perceived difficulty of the PRINCE2 Foundation exam varies with everyone’s background in project management and their level of preparation. With sufficient understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology and ample practice, over 95% of candidates pass the exam on the first attempt.

Is PRINCE2 Foundation an open book exam?

No, the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is not open book. You will not have access to any reference materials during the exam.

Is PRINCE2 Foundation worth it?

Yes, the PRINCE2 Foundation is widely regarded as valuable. It validates your knowledge in a globally recognized project management methodology, potentially increasing your employability and salary prospects.

What are the minimum requirements for PRINCE2 Foundation?

The PRINCE2 Foundation has no specific prerequisites. However, some familiarity with projects and project management is beneficial for comprehension of the course content.

What comes after PRINCE2 Foundation?

After PRINCE2 Foundation, the next level is the PRINCE2 Practitioner. This is for those who want to delve deeper into PRINCE2 methodology and apply it practically in projects. PRINCE2 Foundation also acts as a prerequisite for sitting the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner examination.

What happens if you fail PRINCE2 Foundation?

If you do not pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you can retake it. There is no limit on the number of times you can sit the exam. However, it’s advisable to review and understand the areas you struggled with before attempting again.

What is PRINCE2 Foundation?

PRINCE2 Foundation is the entry-level certification for PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments). It validates your understanding of the basic principles, terminology, and processes of PRINCE2.

What is the cost of PRINCE2 Foundation?

The cost of PRINCE2 Foundation varies by country and training provider. For the current prices check the PRINCE2 Foundation course page.

What is the difference between PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner?

The Foundation level covers the basics of the PRINCE2 methodology, while the Practitioner level dives deeper and focuses on how to apply PRINCE2 in a project environment. The Foundation is a prerequisite for the Practitioner certification.

What is the Foundation level of PRINCE2?

The Foundation level of PRINCE2 confirms a candidate’s understanding of the PRINCE2 method enough to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

What is the pass rate for PRINCE2 Foundation?

The pass rate for PRINCE2 Foundation can vary by country and language, but in the UK over 95% of candidates pass on their first attempt. The pass mark for the PRINCE2 Foundation is 55%, meaning you need to get at least 33 out of 60 questions right.

What is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam format?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The exam is closed book, meaning no reference materials are allowed. The exam is taken online. Candidates require a desktop computer, internet connection, audio, and video camera to show their photo ID to the remote proctor.

What is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam length?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is 60 minutes long unless you are a non-native speaker, in which case you can request an additional 25% of time, making the exam 75 minutes in total.

What is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam pass mark?

The pass mark for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is 55%, which equates to 33 out of 60 correct answers.

What qualifications are equivalent to PRINCE2 Foundation level?

While there’s no exact equivalent to PRINCE2 Foundation, other entry-level project management certifications include the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® by PMI, and IPMA® Level D certification by IPMA. However, these certifications differ in their methodologies and areas of focus.

IPMA® is a registered trademark of IPMA in Switzerland and other countries. “CAPM” is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Where to take PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam can be taken through an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) or through the official PRINCE2 examining body. The exam is taken online.

Which is better PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner?

The choice between PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner depends on a candidate’s professional needs. The Foundation is for individuals who want to understand basic PRINCE2 principles and terminology. The Practitioner, which requires Foundation certification, is for those looking to apply PRINCE2 methodology in their projects. Both have their own value depending on a candidate’s career goals.

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