PRINCE2 Process: managing product delivery

The PRINCE2 project management methodology operates on the assumption that the project is based upon a customer/supplier environment. The process managing product delivery describes the tasks and responsibilities of the Team Manager in their role as supplier, that is, in accomplishing the goals of a Work Package.

The managing product delivery process involves three steps, which are carried out once for each Work Package:

Accept a Work Package

It is vital that the Team Manager and the Project Manager reach an agreement about the contents of the Work Package, i.e., what the team will deliver, and what their constraints, tolerances, and resources will be.

Once agreement has been obtained, the Team Manager creates a Team Plan, which details what must be done in order to deliver the required products and ensure that appropriate quality activities are carried out.

Execute a Work Package

The Team Manager is responsible for the work done by the team, within the limits specified within the Work Package. This includes assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and updating the Team Plan with information about actuals and new forecasts. If this new information seems at any point to threaten the agreed tolerance levels, then this constitutes a project issue that must be referred to the Project Manager.

Although, as mentioned above, responsibility for the Work Package is delegated to the Team Manager, it is important that the Project Manager remains informed of ongoing progress. The Team Manager should therefore submit regular Checkpoint Reports at intervals specified within the Work Package.

Deliver a Work Package

Once the products described by the Work Package have been created, the Team Manager must ensure that each product is approved by the appropriate individual, and that all the necessary quality activities have been performed. This is done by checking the Configuration Item Records, which maintain the current status of the products, and the Quality Register.

Once each product satisfies its approval criteria, it can be handed over. The Team Manager then updates the Team Plan to indicate the completion of the Work Package, and notifies the Project Manager.