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Why you should get a PRINCE2 qualification

22 Mar 2022 By

Reasons to get a PRINCE2 qualification:

  1. PRINCE2 is the world’s most popular project management qualification.
  2. Project managers are in demand globally, so getting a PRINCE2 project management qualification can often help your project management career.
  3. Many roles – not just project management ones – require project management skills.
  4. People with qualifications generally earn more than people in similar roles without qualifications.
  5. Learning PRINCE2 will equip you the language and skills to participate in projects or manage projects more effectively.
  6. Learning PRINCE2 can make you more confident at work because you will be able to speak and understand its terminology.
  7. Applying PRINCE2 will make you a better project manager because it is based upon project management best practices.
  8. PRINCE2 qualifications requires no previous experience (unlike qualifications such as PMP® or CAPM® from the Project Management Institute).
  9. PRINCE2 is not rocket science. In fact, it is often no more than common sense when applied to managing and directing projects.
  10. Since PRINCE2 is known worldwide, having a PRINCE2 qualification can open doors to you globally.
  11. Having a PRINCE2 qualification can give you well-earned respect amongst your peers.
Reasons to get a PRINCE2 qualification infographic